Crossfit Experience - Six months

It’s all about having fun and working out with like-minded people. The people are lovely; I feel part of a family where I enjoy myself; I’m smiling when I’m with people who share the same interests as me. CrossFit Nidus gave me a lot of self-confidence, both physically and mentally, discovering more confidence in myself as a person. They explain how to do things individually for you; what might work for one person might not for another, and they’re great at finding out the way that you work and pick new things up.


Crossfit Experience - Ten Weeks

There hasn’t really been a CrossFit facility in the Stroud area, so there wasn’t much opportunity; there are gyms around Stroud but nothing like Nidus. Since joining, my training has come on leaps and bounds. I feel like I’m much fitter and definitely gaining strength, like my guns are getting bigger, which is a huge plus!


Crossfit Experience - TBC

At CrossFit Nidus, we pride ourselves on accommodating for the lifestyles of our community members. Many members have children and choose to bring them along to their sessions to meet other member’s children and introduce them to CrossFit.

CrossFit serves many key benefits for children’s neurological development as it relates to exercise, health and safety, programming, education and fun. We work hard to give children a welcome introduction to CrossFit, allowing them to begin developing their core strength from an early age while pairing fitness with fun.

The kids see us loving it and see the friendship groups that we’ve built. They see that I am better and happier in myself when I’m achieving, which definitely has a knock-on effect.


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