Aneta Tucker


Like many CrossFit athletes, Aneta played a variety of sports growing up and during her time at university, but nothing interested her enough to take it to a competitive level. In 2012 a friend suggested she take up Crossfit, because he thought Aneta would be the ideal person for what was then a new sport. It was love at the first sight. Within a year Aneta had completed her Level 1 and started coaching.

She also travelled to watch the Regionals 2012 in Copenhagen and decided that this is finally the sport she had been waiting for. It was a slow start. In 2014, she fractured her hand one month before The Open, but still took part and finished 81st, in 2015 she injured her back 2 months before the Open and wasn’t able to take part at all, but she battled through and finally in 2016, finished 27th in The Open.

The 2017 Meridian Regionals was her real breakthrough event, finishing in 17th place and managing to qualify for the top heat, and on day two competing alongside the top girls, which was a massive highlight for her fans and a testament that persistent hard work pays off, after the injuries in 2014 and 2015.


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