Aneta Tucker


Like many CrossFit athletes, Aneta played a variety of sports growing up and during her time at university, but nothing interested her enough to take it to a competitive level. In 2012 a friend suggested she take up Crossfit, because he thought Aneta would be the ideal person for what was then a new sport. It was love at the first sight. Within a year Aneta had completed her Level 1 and started coaching.

She also travelled to watch the Regionals 2012 in Copenhagen and decided that this is finally the sport she had been waiting for. It was a slow start. In 2014, she fractured her hand one month before The Open, but still took part and finished 81st, in 2015 she injured her back 2 months before the Open and wasn’t able to take part at all, but she battled through and finally in 2016, finished 27th in The Open.

The 2017 Meridian Regionals was her real breakthrough event, finishing in 17th place and managing to qualify for the top heat, and on day two competing alongside the top girls, which was a massive highlight for her fans and a testament that persistent hard work pays off, after the injuries in 2014 and 2015.

Matt Tucker


Matt has participated in sports from a young age. Rugby runs in his blood, with a well-known Welsh player in the family. Matt played for university rugby and American Football teams.

Post-uni, Tucker and a friend got involved in more weight training, without being sport specific, which taught him a significant amount about different styles and systems. After a few health scares and an enforced lay off, he got back to productive training and mixed weights with sprint triathlons, but became uninterested by the lack of variation triathlon training gave him, despite enjoying the competitive side. Matt Tucker became introduced to CrossFit through a PT friend about six years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Within five months, he had completed his Level one.

Matt has competed across Europe in the master's category and has spent a lot of time understanding “masters” programming with his own coach, enabling him to have a unique perspective at this level. Matt has a passion for coaching and views the basics of movement as being ‘fundamental for progression’. Having coached for the last four years, he has seen several different ways of doing it and what methods are more productive.

Sam Harvey


I have always enjoyed my sport and training. From a young age I used to sit in my garage on my rowing machine relishing the grind. Like most youngsters I have dabbled at a variety of sports growing up, mainly rugby and sailing. I was very lucky that my grandad lived in Pembrokeshire which is where I got my first job teaching water sports and found my love for coaching and helping others.

After finishing my degree in Sport and Exercise I moved back home and started working at my local gym. At the same time, I started training CrossFit and was instantly hooked. The competitive element with myself is what really drove me. Always looking to improve and do better. I find it very satisfying when you do something you couldn’t do before because of all the hard work you have put in.

Fast forward I have been involved in CrossFit for 6 years now. During this time, I have worked with a wide range of people from competitive athletes, to everyday gym goers and children looking to stay healthy. My aim as a coach is to make exercise enjoyable and support you as you consistently work towards your goals. Helping people gain that confidence to step outside their comfort zone and achieve something they never thought possible is a great feeling and I am very lucky to get the opportunity daily to do that. It’s great to see people leaving the gym with a smile on their face!

In my free time I get stuck into my own training and drive my little red van. 

Matt Crane


Everybody meet Matt Crane. He has a wealth of experience already, more than his modest words suggest, and has a geeky side that's second to none. In his own words below find out more about him:

From as young as I can remember, I’ve always loved playing a variety of sports; in my early teens I started to play cricket competitively but also became intrigued with movement and started to dabble with shifting some weights around. I went on to study Sports Performance at college but didn’t immediately pursue a career in sport, until a trainer at my old gym introduced me to CrossFit and it was a total game changer. CrossFit made sense to me; emphasising how important it is to pay attention to how we move and treat our bodies, and how this can help to optimise performance both in and out of the gym. I decided to get involved, give my functional fitness craving what it wanted and joined a CrossFit box.

I soon completed my CrossfFit level 1 and a level 3 diploma in personal training and am grateful for the opportunity to coach at Nidus which is a crossfit box unlike any other, with a unique lack of ego and sense of togetherness. The team atmosphere is present in every session, people getting in the mix together, motivating each other and bouncing fresh ideas around.

My fascination with movement is an on-going obsession; you’ll always find me looking at new movements, how to break them down, finding methods of mobilisation and ways to create stability throughout the body. I love helping people to move better and this involves a deeper understanding of how the body and the nervous system interact and how breath and mental state play a huge part in this. I’m a self-confessed geek and would love to help with any aspect of your movement practice that you feel needs attention.

National diploma in sports performance and excellence
CrossFit level 1
Personal training level 3 diploma
Art of breath certified

Louis Blyth


Even from an early age I have always wanted to be involved in any type of sporting activity or outdoor pursuit. This is what drew me to CrossFit. I love the versatility it supplies and excitement of constant personal development; physically and mentally. There’s never a boring day in the gym! I left school with limited direction. Fitness and sport was my only real passion at the time, so this led me into personal training. Once I discovered CrossFit I knew I had to immerse myself in this environment, so I trained and worked as a CrossFit coach for 5 years whilst studying.

Through helping others achieve their fitness goals I grew interest into how I could help those with injuries. Prior to starting my Physiotherapy degree I worked part-time as a Physio-Assistant in the NHS for 18-months. This role was based in a community setting, assisting people to have safe return home after a hospital admission or helping elderly people stay fit and well to avoid care home needs or immobility. I studied at the University of West England. During my degree I covered all core principles ranging from acute respiratory care, neurological paediatrics, mental health services and musculoskeletal (MSK) outpatients. Now I practice out of CrossFit Nidus as the in-house MSK Physiotherapist.

With my background being sport and fitness related, I bias an active approach to rehabilitation. I would like to see people take ownership of their body and rehab, therefore fixing themselves. I prefer to see people less than more, if clinically appropriate. I work alongside the coaches to create reintegration plans to facilitate rehab and get gym members back into classes as soon as possible. advising alternatives whilst injured and exercise programmes to aid recovery. I try to get to the route cause of an injury through thorough history taking and full bio-mechanical assessment. Please get in contact address any injuries or you would like to take your functional ability to the next level.

HCPC registered
BSc Physiotherapy
3D MAPS Certified
Level 3 Sports Massage
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation
Level 3 Personal Trainer
CrossFit Level 1

Sophie Lilley


Sophie is an experienced and passionate pre and postnatal coach; she is also a crossfitter, mother of two and is currently completing her degree in Midwifery. A keen interest in fitness, nutrition and mental well-being was intensified by having her own children, and she felt compelled to educate herself to be able to offer a more holistic service to women.

The process of pregnancy and labour changes the body relatively quickly and training needs to reflect this. How movements are adapted vary depending on the individual, their training history, fitness levels, abilities, and strengths as well as the type of training they enjoy. Sophie believes in working with the individual to ensure that training remains challenging and fun whilst using functional movement to optimise the body for pregnancy, labour and postnatal recovery. Whatever stage of your journey, from complete beginners to experienced athletes, pregnant or recovering postnatally, or even if you had your children years ago and have some ongoing niggles, Sophie can help.

Sophie has amassed years of experience training and supporting hundreds of women and as a mum herself, has a unique and specialist approach. She understands the realities of motherhood and how much mental and physical well-being are intertwined. With this knowledge, understanding and passion she offers a unique service to women which includes one-to-one training, online programming and remote coaching to fit in with your needs and lifestyle.


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